The conference fits into scrutiny and intellectualisation concerning the processes of social and economic change in various regions, and in Eastern Poland in particular. The
intention of the organisers is to establish a periodic forum for exchanging opinions on contemporary management processes and changes that occur in the economy, companies and social sphere. Also, it is important to diagnose and evaluate the support and creation of transformational processes provided by regional and local governments, particularly in reference to businesses.

The conference is going to concentrate on current problems of business functioning, including the pandemic period, as well as the processes of business restructuring and modernization, also those based on the means of European Union funds. The pandemic period has created uncustomary restrictions and prospects, redefined many past experiences and patterns of management, as well as employees attitudes and consumer behaviour. They all form new solutions which influence not only businesses, but also the whole economy and social situation in the region. The future will show how effective, entrepreneurial, innovative these solutions are going to be.

Opinions of the experts and business people invited to the conference, as well as the results of analyses and prognoses will create the possibility of their use in the form of recommendation for subsequent research and implementation of the solutions in businesses, and also in state and regional practice of support for economic development. This creates a possibility to compare different experiences in the government area and to benefit from good business practises and local government actions. The conclusions drawn from the conference will enable evaluation of the efficiency of solutions concerning changes in management as well as interpretation of the present trends. The analyses and recommendations will be published in scientific studies.


The conference is going to be concentrated on the problems and new trends in:

  • the sphere of business management and development strategies,
  • the area of creation and implementation of innovation,
  • managing the social potential, basic activities, finances,
  • marketing, the area of supply and sales (distribution),
  • regional public finance,
  • social and economic capital of the region,
  • the regional conditions and the support of business restructuring processes,
  • legal business environment,
  • the restructuring processes in regions and their functional spheres,
  • the subjective structure of the regional economy


  • Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Paszkowski – WSFiZ w Białymstoku, przewodniczący.
  • Doc. dr Edward Hościłowicz – Rektor WSFiZ w Białymstoku
  • Dr Elżbieta Ambrożej, Prorektor WSFiZ w Białymstoku
  • Dr Anatoliusz Kopczuk, Prorektor WSFiZ w Białymstoku
  • Prof. dr Vesselin Blagoev, Vice-Rector Varna University of Management (Bułgaria)
  • Dr Tomasz Nawrocki – Dziekan Wydziału Nauk Stosowanych, Collegium Mazovia Innowacyjna Szkoła Wyższa w Siedlcach
  • Prof. zw. dr hab. Ludmila Nekharosheva – Państwowy Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Mińsku (Białoruś)
  • Prof. zw. dr hab. Krystyna Poznańska – SGH w Warszawie
  • Prof. zw. dr hab. Marek Proniewski – WSFiZ w Białymstoku
  • Prof. dr hab. Piotr Pysz – Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Technik – Vechta/Diepholz. (Niemcy)
  • Prof. dr Yelena Shustova – Kazachski Innowacyjny Uniwersytet Prawa i Nauk Humanistycznych (Kazachstan)
  • Prof. dr hab. Roman Sobiecki – Prorektor SGH w Warszawie
  • Prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Truskolaski – Uniwersytet w Białymstoku
  • Mgr Adam Walicki – WSFiZ w Białymstoku
  • Prof. zw. dr hab. Maciej Wiatr – WSFiZ w Białymstoku
  • Prof. dr Aneta Ziółkowska – Prorektor Wyższej Szkoły Zarządzania i Bankowości w Krakowie


  • Dr Adam E. Szczepanowski – Chairman
  • Dr Paweł Laskowski
  • Dr Jolanta Łuczaj
  • Dr Ewa Niedźwiedzka
  • Mgr Andrzej Ambrożej
  • Mgr Joanna Boboryko-Hocazade
  • Mgr Marta Dawidziuk
  • Mgr Sylwester M. Pilipczuk
  • Mgr Damian Proniewski

Wyższa Szkoła Finansów i Zarządzania w Białymstoku
ul. Ciepła 40, 15 – 472 Białystok
tel.+48 85 67 85 823
e-mail: konferencja2021@wsfiz.edu.pl


by May. 20th, 2021 Sending the registration form, along with the subject and abstract to the address: konferencja2021@wsfiz.edu.pl
by Jun 3th, 2021 Acceptance of the subject and abstract
by Jul. 15th, 2021 The date limit to send projects
by Jul. 15th, 2021 The date limit to pay for the conference participation
Oct.25-26th, 2021 The date of the conference



pdf Editorial requirements for conference articles


The conference participation cost includes the cost of printing the article (after qualification and positive reviews), lunch, coffee breaks, a visit to Tykocin, and a dinner party.

The conference participation cost without publishing the article – 450 PLN – 450 zł.

Oficyna Wydawnicza
SGH (80 pkt.)
„Kwartalnik Nauk o
Przedsiębiorstwie” (20 pkt.)
„Marketing i Rynek” (20 pkt.)
Półrocznik „Przedsiębiorstwo
& Finanse” (5 pkt.)
The cost of conference participation and publishing the article 750 PLN 750 PLN 550 PLN
The cost of publishing the article without the conference participation 300 PLN 300 PLN 100 PLN


The cost of publishing the article without the conference participation:

Wyższa Szkoła Finansów i Zarządzania w Białymstoku ul. Ciepła 40, 15 – 472 Białystok
BANK PEKAO S.A. 19 1240 5211 1111 0000 4929 0899
with additional note: konferencja 2021

The conference cost does not include the cost of accommodation. We will be glad to help you to book a room (at promotional price 100 PLN a night) in guest rooms of WSFiZ in Bialystok, Jagienki St. (University Campus).

Room booking: tel. 85 678 58 96

Other hotels include:

  • Branicki**** tel. 85 665 25 00,
  • Gołębiewski**** tel. 85 678 25 00,
  • Traugutta3**** tel. 733 733 722,
  • Podlasie*** tel. 85 67 56 600.

The program of the conference and additional information, including the editorial requirements concerning the articles, will be announced on the website: www.wsfiz.edu.pl/konferencja-tre-21




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