What have we planned in our project and why is it worth taking part in it?

As part of the project, environmental education and practice activities will be carried out in building local community responsibility for natural resources, as well as training for civic monitoring of climate change and developing real remedial actions in the local community. As part of the Academic Center for Ecological Education and Practice, a subject and a research club called Ecological Empathy will be introduced. Students will undergo natural science internships and develop Eco-Diploma theses – films promoting pro-eco activities. Graduates who will complete the course and ecological internships will receive a Certificate of Ecological Credibility. The entire community, including families, will be involved in open information events: the 1st Plogging Championship and the Festival for Mother Earth. On the basis of these practices and as part of the transnational cooperation with the Norwegian Partner, a Manual for nature educators and the e-platform Eco-Leader Knowledge Bank will be created. In addition, an agreement on permanent student internships will be concluded in the Knyszyńska Forest Landscape Park and the Eco-Influencer Film Studio will be set up.

Implementation period: November 2021 - December 2023


  • The Association of Friends of the Knyszyn Forest „Wielki Las”
  • Foundation Center for Initiatives for Society
  • University of Finance and Management in Białystok
  • Innovation Circle Network Norway (www.innovationcircle.no)

The project Leaders of Eco-Change is financed by the Active Citizens Regional Fund Program (EEA Funds). The project was co-financed in the amount of EUR 114 185.09.


Project activities:

  1. Planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation
  2. Recruitment of participants
  3. Academic Center for Ecological Education and Practice
  4. A training camp for nature educators
  5. Student Alert for Mother Earth – civic monitoring
  6. Communication, information and promotion of the project

Planned project results:


  • Ecological Empathy subject program (3 Modules: Eco-Leader, Eco-Influencer, ecological practice),
  • Training camp for nature educators,
  • Scientific group the Ecological Empathy Center (together with the ecological education laboratory),
  • Eco-Influencer Film Studio,
  • 20 Eco-Diploma works – films promoting pro-eco practices,
  • Civic monitoring report with Eco-positive Intervention Map (electronic form)
  • 1st Plogging Championship,
  • Festival for Mother Earth,
  • Manual for educators (electronic form),
  • Eco-Leader Knowledge Bank (e-learning platform),
  • subpage int. and 2 social-media profiles,
  • conducting 160 hours of training, workshops and apprenticeships in the subject of Ecological Empathy,
  • carrying out 48 hours of a training camp for educators.

The results:

  • increase in knowledge and competences in the field of pro-environmental activity of 100 students through training, internships and an educational campaign,
  • increasing the skills of 20 educators in the tools of involving citizens in activities for the proper management of their natural resources through a training camp,
  • involvement of 15 Eco-Student Leaders in the activities.

The project is implemented by